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Experience future-focused, high-quality education with AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy's modular, year-long learning journeys. Immerse your child in Java, C/C++, and Arduino technology, with each year as an enriching, standalone program. Choose from flexible payment options that suit your needs and ensure secure transactions with our PayFast partnership. Boost your child's learning by earning the prestigious Arduino Junior Certification in the second/third year*. Join us, and help shape tomorrow's technologists!


Johannesburg (Midrand)

Unlock access to global industry events and mentorship from high-quality professionals. Tailored for young innovators.

R 1150 / month

Starts 22nd July 2023

Classes every Saturday, 9-11am


Cape Town

Unlock access to global industry events and mentorship from high-quality professionals. Tailored for young innovators.

R 1650 / month

Date to be announced


King Shaka Airport (Cargo Terminal)

Unlock access to global industry events and mentorship from high-quality professionals. Tailored for young innovators.

R 980 / month

Starts the 22nd July 2023

Classes every Saturday, 1-3pm

All plans include

  • check Arduino/Robotics Starter Kit with Sensors
  • check Weekly Physical Robotics classes
  • check Get to develop a prototype / demo technology
  • check Artificial Intelligence enabled learning
  • check Languages covered: Java, C++, C/C#
  • check Arduino-powered Curriculum
  • check We offer private classes at the academy specifically designed for students between the ages of 9 and 14


Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups do you cover?

We offer private classes at the academy specifically designed for students between the ages of 9 and 14. This age range allows us to dedicate sufficient time and attention to their individual development and learning needs. For partnership programs with schools, we extend our programs to cater to individuals up to the age of 18. To obtain more detailed information regarding these offerings, we encourage you to get in touch with the Academy for further assistance.

What about the qualifications of the facilitators?

Rest assured, our facilitators are highly qualified and carry official Arduino certifications. They are seasoned Software/Mechatronics engineers with years of hands-on experience, poised to provide an unmatched learning experience for your child.

How long is the program?

Our program spans four comprehensive years. Each year offers a standalone learning module that imparts a wealth of knowledge to your child. The subsequent three years, although optional, serve as enriching extensions for focused learning in specific areas of robotics.

What are the course requirements?

During class hours at the academy, we provide all necessary tools including a laptop and an Arduino robotics kit (the kit belongs to them and they take home). For at-home practice, juniors would need to use their laptop, ideally a model from 2021 or later.

Is your programme certified?

Indeed, it is. In their 2nd or 3rd year, students can strive to earn the esteemed Arduino Junior Certification, a globally recognized accolade that verifies their proficient skills in electronics and coding. For the first year, juniors get attendance certificates co-signed by our Technology industry partners.

What does your curriculum cover?

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide spectrum of knowledge. This includes coding in C/C# and Java, Arduino programming, creative problem-solving techniques, and a solid foundation in entrepreneurship.

What coding languages and platforms will the children use?

Our forward-thinking program introduces students to the powerful coding languages of Java and C/C++. Alongside this, we dive into the exciting world of Arduino technology, enabling children to create technological solutions for the future.

Do I need to buy extra equipment other than the ones provided by the academy?

No extra equipment is necessary for our academy classes. We supply the necessary Arduino kits for all in-class work. For at-home experimentation, optional tools could include a screwdriver set, a glue gun, or screws.

How long do classes run and which days?

Our classes are designed to give your child a comprehensive yet manageable learning experience, running for two hours each week. We offer specific schedules for Durban and Johannesburg, ensuring flexibility for our families.

Where is the Academy located?

For Durban: Dube Tradeport (King Shaka International Airport Cargo Terminal) and Johannesburg (Christiani Africa, Halfway House, Midrand). Our administrative office is at: Palm Springs Office Park, 100 Johannesburg Road, Lyndhurst

Does my child need any coding experience?

We welcome beginners with open arms. Our program is designed to guide students step by step, starting from the basics and eventually exploring the most advanced concepts in software engineering.

What are your key Focus Areas?

AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy places a strong emphasis on both technical skills and soft skills, essential for the ever-evolving future of work. We aim to prepare the next generation for success by honing their problem-solving abilities, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

What sort of Robotics Kit does my child get?

Each student at our academy is provided with an Arduino Sensor kit. This comprehensive kit enables your child to learn the basics of Arduino programming and build a wide range of exciting projects, all while sparking their innovative spirit.

How secure/safe are my credit/debit card details?

Your financial security is our top priority. We've partnered with PayFast, a trusted payment gateway, employing industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure the safety of your credit and debit card details during every transaction.

What other benefits are there with my child being at AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy?

Beyond the standard curriculum, our academy offers exclusive access to local and international industry events. We provide opportunities for our students to participate in high-profile global platforms, enhancing their learning experience.

How is AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy different from other robotics Programmes?

Our academy is unique in its modular, year-long learning approach. We offer high-quality educ ation focusing on Java, C/C++, and Arduino technology, equipping students with key skills to excel in the technology-driven future.

How do I make payments?

To cater to various financial needs, we offer a secure, flexible, subscription-based payment plan. You can choose to make payments on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, ensuring a comfortable arrangement for your finances.

After completing the first year, what do juniors do in the other three years at the Academy?

The journey at AlgoAtWork doesn't stop after the first year. The second year introduces juniors to business and media fundamentals, the third year deep dives into technical aspects, and the fourth year offers a unique mentorship programme, guiding them towards launching their technology startups.